OFROM’s radical technology makes flexible assistance possible.

For EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services), OFROM realizes your cost reduction needs and reliably supports manufacturers’ transition to fabless manufacturing through outsourcing manufacturing. We apply total production focused on high-density mounting technology to assist you with your EMS strategy, including the manufacturing and corporate strategies that comprise it.

From products made through either mass- or high-mix, low-volume production to complex, special-order products, OFROM’s latest factory flexibly accommodates a variety of orders for all kinds of products. Our solid production framework handles total production throughout the design, manufacturing and quality control processes in their entirety.

Our product quality bears a global standard.

We have established a high-quality
mounting system for BGA/LGA/FC devices.

We set optimal manufacturing conditions using our technological prowess in mounting and analytical capability, which we have cultivated over a period of 30 years.

Cross-section inspection

We use self-designed inspection units.

To satisfy product gurantee items, we use inspection units designed and produced by OFROM to check those items, including operation, withstanding pressure and insulation resistance.

Electrical tester

Our knowledge and skill of soldering ranks
among the global standard.

We have implemented the “Micro Soldering Skill Qualification” certification system devised by the Japan Welding Engineering Society (JWES). Our adopted manufacturing standard is “products that are dependable even after 10 years.”

We have achieved absolute quality in module
board mounting.

We have achieved absolute quality in the mounting and assembly of module boards with zero defects yielded out of 1.5 million units produced. We were recognized with a Letter of Appreciation for our contributions to high quality in this regard.

We applies its technological prowess cultivated over a period of over 30 years to handle
a variety of products.

C4 method.

This enables us to mount bare chips with a ball pitch of 150μm, considered to be impossible with solder printing.

C4 method mounting

High-density / fine-pitch mounting.

OFROM handles the mounting of chips with an adjoining distance of 100μm and a size of 0402.

0402 chip

Flow soldering for BGA-fitted boards.

Using our proprietary DIP pallet design technology, we are capable of realizing flow soldering for BGA-fitted multi-layer boards.

DIP palette

Reduced product costs through automation.

We have automation technology that covers soldering, grease/resin coating, screw tightening and electric/image/communication inspections.

OFROM thoroughly handles all processes starting with product design and ending with OEM supply.

At OFROM, we tailor manufacturing to suit your needs.

Manufacturing at OFROM is highly adaptable.

By virtue of having a mounting line dedicated to test production, we accept orders starting with those for a single unit and are able to accommodate delivery times as short as one day. We are also adept at mass production using our 4 high-speed mounting lines, which are capable of outputting a maximum of 49 million units per month.

SMT line

We handle high-mix, low-volume production.

We leverages its manufacturing and production management systems to accommodate the production of approx. 2,000 models.

Our assembly processes are designed in line with the production configuration.

At OFROM, we design optimal assembly processes based on the production system (cell, line or lot production) that matches the production configuration at hand.

We handle the production of jigs with speedy.

Our production internalization efforts have enabled us to establish quickly production framework for jigs. we also offer on a direct sales basis.

OFROM boasts competitive development capability.

We offers competitive parts
procurement capability.

Our procurement network exceeds 100 companies both inside and outside of Japan. We also pride ourselves on the price handling capability made possible by purchasing volume across the OFROM Group.

Handles development and design incorporating
manufacturing perspectives.

Our design record includes crime prevention devices, image inspection equipment, parts related to medical equipment, and special fiber detection apparatus.


Displacement sensors

Level difference recognition sensors

Color vision sensor

2D Dispacement sensor

Photoelectronic sensors

Separate type displacement sensors

LED Ring lighting

LED Bar lighting

Indoor/ceiling-mounted passive sensors

Outdoor active sensors

Crime prevention receivers

Outdoor passive sensors

Sensor lights

LED sensor lights

Safe driving assistance devices

3D range image cameras

Real-time picture sharpening devices

Control printed circuit board

LTE-compatible IoT intelligent gateways


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